The Sonic Team makes a name for themselves again with Sonic Frontiers, a fast-paced open-world adventure. The blue blur is rarely seen standing still for an extended period because of Sonic’s demand for speed. The series’ creators, Sonic Team, appear to be uncomfortable with the idea of comfort zones. Nevertheless, it seems that tendency has rubbed off on them.

Inconsequentially, one can’t call the Sonic game series boring. The studio has moved forward with the franchise rapidly rather than identifying and keeping to a winning formula. That mindset occasionally yields fruitful outcomes; however, It might also be a recipe for disaster.

Sonic fans will experience some huge surprises when they begin Sonic Frontiers, whether they prefer 2D or 3D Sonic games. Sonic Frontiers will likely continue the trend. By Sonic standards, the “open-zone” game is experimental, substituting a vast 3D world for linear levels. It’s a tactical change that ignores decades of Sonic history, causing unparalleled joy.

The open world, or open zone as Sonic Team refers, is simple enough to comprehend. However, combining all the new mechanics and systems can be overwhelming and perplexing. Here are some crucial pointers and tricks for getting started in Sonic Frontiers.

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Sonic’s primary gameplay mechanic relies upon speed. Although the way speed functions in Sonic Frontiers is very different, this is still the case. At the beginning of the game, you might realize that your little hedgehog is slower than you might hope. This is because speed is one of the stats that Sonic now has that you must level up.

The stat you should focus on developing first is Sonic’s speed, which can reach level 99. Each location in Sonic Frontiers is enormous. Therefore being able to blast through them would make the game flow smoother. There are a ton of collectables scattered across the Sonic Frontiers map. The Memory Tokens and Vault Keys are priorities when moving the main plot forward.

To get in touch with Sonic’s missing companions in that particular part of the map, you’ll need Memory Tokens. These will open up additional plot points and sidequests to do. You require Vault Keys to unlock each Chaos Emerald. You can confront the boss once you’ve collected all the emeralds on that Island.

There is a lot to get used to, especially with the speed and fighting elements of the game. Even seasoned fans may face new obstacles because Sonic Frontiers is the first open-zone game in history. Players control Sonic over five enormous Starfall Islands in the game, using all of the blue blur’s strength.

The Map

In Sonic Frontiers, your map will be your closest companion. But, much like in most open-world games, you can only view everything after completing the game’s objectives. When you enter a new region, look for icons that resemble red question marks first. These quick tests or puzzles should take a few seconds to finish. Upon completion, they reveal a small piece of the map.

Sonic Frontiers features a comprehensive fog of war that covers the map when approaching any of the 5 Islands. While fully displaying the map is optional for advancement and general exploration, it is beneficial.

You’ll notice several icons when you speed into Sonic Frontiers after unlocking the Island’s map. There may be an urge to meticulously clear each Island’s map before moving on. However, doing so can break the gameplay loop and reduce your overall enjoyment.

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The Game Mechanics

For the Sonic franchise, Sonic Frontiers is a brave new development. Because of this, the game incorporates classic Sonic gameplay elements into a unique open-world setting. A longtime fan may need to adjust to the new mechanics and skills because there are so many.

The most crucial aspect of any Sonic game is how responsive the blue blur feels to control. Also, your options for doing so are somewhat varied in this instance. Out of all Sonic games to date, Sonic Frontiers has the most possibilities.

Steering sensitivity, acceleration, bounce height, and auto combo are the flexible options in the Game Settings menu. Players should resort to them if they feel something is off. The first three sliders require individual adjustment and testing, but the auto combo is one you should enable immediately.

In this game, Sonic has a ton of moves to learn, making it difficult to recall all of these combinations. You can attack using an auto combo, and the game will choose the best variety of techniques.

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Fishing For Items

Locating Big must be done by players on the map because it will be worthwhile. Players may find it unfavourable to fish with Big the Cat. However, it is one of the best ways to advance in Sonic Frontiers.

Fishing is a crucial mechanic in Sonic Frontiers, even though it might appear odd for a Sonic game. You can teleport to a fishing site on the game’s five islands, where Big the Cat will be waiting. This is where the Purple Coins you earn in the open world come into play. It will cost you a specific amount of Purple Coins for each cast of your fishing rod.

The easiest way to grind any stuff you need is by fishing, which is quick and simple. You receive Tokens from fishing, which you may exchange for virtually any item in the game. These items may include Memory Tokens, Vault Keys, and upgrade materials.

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Completing Challenges

Explore the five enormous and distinctive islands as you search for the Chaos Emerald to discover several thousand years mysteries. Players must play through each character’s main tale adventure and track them down to have optional talks with them. Sonic Frontiers players who wish to complete the game must finish each arc.

The Cyberspace levels in Sonic Frontiers are reminiscent of the classic Sonic stages from the past. Each one serves a function other than just being enjoyable to speedrun. You have four challenges to perform at each level of the Cyberspace game to acquire vault keys. The keys will help open the Chaos Emeralds on the Island.

Each Challenge you complete will grant you one Vault Key; therefore, completing all four will give you four Keys. However, if you meet all four challenges in a level, you will receive three additional vault keys. This will bring your total number of vault keys per level to seven.

The 2-D Experience

Sonic Frontiers’ platforming occasionally switches your view from an open world to a 2D flat viewpoint. This can be a little disconcerting and affect your perception of forward motion. It’s essential to keep in mind that you can leave the 2D perspective before completing the platforming challenge.

Currencies in Sonic Frontier

There are a lot of collectibles in Sonic Frontiers that are accumulated as Currencies throughout the game’s numerous maps. Understanding what each thing is for can be a little overwhelming, given the huge variety of goods to gather. Let’s take a look at them.


Rings, a component of every Sonic game, are accessible throughout Sonic Frontier’s five worlds. Rings function as a buffer to stop you from dying immediately in dangerous situations.

Memory Tokens

There are practically endless ways to get Memory Tokens. They will represent the majority of the markers you can see on your map. In addition, they can be farmed from floor loot, items that foes drop, broken containers, and more.

Vault Keys

Sonic Frontiers requires Vault Keys to access the scattered Chaos Emeralds. Consider your Vault Key total as a set of requirements that must be satisfied to gain access to various Emeralds. Unlocking a Chaos Emerald does not reduce your Vault Key total.

Purple Coins

Purple Coins are a form of cash that allows you to fish with Big the Cat at the Fishing Spots. They are sporadically scattered around the game’s numerous maps. You can acquire them at Starfall events, where the automatic slot machine mechanic frequently rewards you with a few hundred.

Red and Blue Seeds

All 5 Islands in Sonic Frontiers include treasures called Red Seeds of Power and Blue Seeds of Defense. Defeating monsters, demolishing boxes and containers, finding farmable floor treasure, and other activities yield them.

Lost Koco

Small creatures known as Lost Koco can be found scattered throughout Sonic Frontiers’ five islands or emerge alone. Sonic only needs to walk close to or over them to pick them up automatically.

Portal Gears

In the open world, larger opponents called guardians are the primary source of portal gears. However, smaller adversaries and farmable floor treasure can yield portal gears occasionally.

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Sonic Frontier: What You Should Know?

The game’s primary objectives are finding Sonic’s companions and collecting the Chaos Emeralds. The Emeralds, however, are kept in mysterious vaults. Players must once more face the Cyber Space region they began the game to obtain the keys to these vaults.

Players must solve puzzles strewn around the islands to find Sonic’s companions and unlock additional areas and places of interest. Fans will encounter greater and more difficult foes as they explore. Sonic will receive gears from these foes, allowing him to access the Cyber Space stages.

Once fans have obtained the Emeralds from the safe, they can battle each Island’s massive Titan adversary Super Sonic. But because there is still opportunity for development in Frontiers, players shouldn’t grow too accustomed to this gameplay pattern.

The developers of Sonic Frontiers have openly claimed that Sonic Frontiers contains more content than any Sonic game before it. Sonic Frontiers requires 20 to 30 hours to finish, and much more time if players aim for perfection. One can only hope that Frontiers fulfils its promises because it has been positioned as the series’ daring new direction.

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Fans can rejoice with the release of a new Sonic game. The blue blur has a lot of unique content and gameplay in Sonic Frontiers. However, some people also speculate that this might be the last Sonic game. Sonic Team are yet to make any formal announcements. Therefore, there has yet to be an update on Sonic Frontiers being the last Sonic game.

Since there will probably be more Sonic games, fans of the series may relax. Future updates to the “open-zone” Sonic game combine open-world adventure with classic 3D and 2D Sonic levels. According to Sega, the game will receive new features, modes, more story content, and character skins in 2023.

Meta Description

The most recent and ambitious game in the well-known gaming series starring Sonic the Hedgehog is called Sonic Frontiers. The Blue Hedgehog is a crucial component of several titles that have been continuously updated over the years. The most recent Sonic franchise instalment marks the series’ first step into open-world action with a side of exploration.

The size of the open-world environment and the abundance of exploration opportunities, enables players lose sight of the important things. The above article is a detailed outline guiding players on their steps towards battling the final boss in Sonic Frontier.