You can find all the tips you could possibly need in our Animal Crossing: New Horizons guide to building your ideal island paradise.

Welcome to Island Life, folks!

Whether you’re a seasoned fan of the series or a newcomer, you’ll need to brush up on the newest systems to keep up with Tom Nook (that passive-aggressive figure that has been the subject of countless memes!)

So, whether you’re into:

Bug collecting

– Fossil hunting

– or something completely different

there’s a lot more to this island simulator than meets the eye.

You can find lots of the information you need in our comprehensive Animal Crossing: New Horizons guide, which includes a slew of mini walkthroughs to help you begin to discover every corner of the game’s many islands, start filling out your achievements, and kickstart your journey of endlessly polishing your utopia to perfection!

So, for a smooth transition into island living, our ACNH guide has you covered with everything from first-timers’ advice to suggested activities for your first few days here.

How to Start Playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Welcome to good, wholesome fun! Source: Nintendo Life

Here are some instructions on what to do in Animal Crossing: New Horizons during the crucial first few story moments.

Welcome – New Islander!

Meet the adorable Timmy and Tommy! Source: YouTube

1. Timmy and Tommy

When you open a new file, you’ll be taken to Timmy and Tommy’s check-in desk, where you can pick up your package for a relaxing vacation on a remote island.

It’s at this point that you’ll be prompted to enter personal information such as your name, birthdate, and character’s appearance.

If the options in Character Creation aren’t quite what you’re looking for at the start of the game, don’t fret. I assure you that FAR more clothing and cosmetic items will be made available later on that will allow you to customize your character’s appearance to your liking.

Where to start your adventure? Source: Nookipedia

2. North or South?

Second, you’ll be asked if you prefer an island in the Northern or Southern hemisphere as your permanent home.

The best option is to choose the one that corresponds to the seasons where you live in the real life. Why? Because, in addition to the Southern Hemisphere experiencing its seasons six months later than the Northern Hemisphere (for example, southern islands will be in Summer while northern islands will be in Winter), this will also affect the types of bugs and fish that will be available, so make an informed decision!

Which world will you choose? Source: Polygon

3. The Island Lottery

The next step is for you to select one of four islands that were generated at random as your own.

It’s likely that every new save file will have a unique set. So, don’t get too caught up in choosing the perfect combination because there are numerous options available. You can restart at this point if none of these island layouts feels ‘just right…’

Choose a landscape that speaks to you the most for the time being. In time, you’ll be able to alter it as you please!

First Day – Welcome Aboard!

Say hello to your little friends! Source: Tasta

1. Jocks and Uchis

Two additional villagers who also purchased the package will be waiting for you when you arrive on your new deserted island.

It’s important to keep in mind that you will always be accompanied:

– By one male villager, known as a “jock” type

– And by one female villager, known as an “uchi” type.

You can always start over and try to get different starting villagers, but they will still be selected from the same pool of jocks and uchis.

Go with Timmy and Tommy to the central location of the island, where Tom Nook has erected a tent for Resident Services and a temporary plaza.

He will make a brief speech before asking you and the other villagers to locate a suitable location to pitch your tent.

Time to get settled. Source: Nintendo Life

2. Set Up Shop

After getting your tent from Timmy or Tommy and getting a map of the island, find a nice place to plant some roots.

Although the island’s interior is inaccessible past the rivers, you will eventually be able to relocate your home there. Choose a location for the time being where you can see yourself residing for at least a short while.

Make sure to speak with the other two villagers, who are busy choosing a location for their homes, before returning to Tom Nook.

You can either accept the location they’ve selected or assume control and set up their tents for them, giving you complete control over where you want them to reside on this part of the island.

Come one and come all to the party of the century! Source: Shacknews

3. Party Prep Time!

Once their residences have been confirmed, head back to Tom Nook to complete the next task: throwing a party!

As you might anticipate, Tom Nook will assign you the most difficult task: gathering up tree branches that are scattered throughout the island.

The majority of Branches are found at the base of trees, lying on the ground. While shaking a tree might cause a branch to fall, we don’t advise doing so until you have a net to catch any wasps because of the potential for wasps.

When a tree has been wasp-tested, you can shake it as often as you’d like to get an endless supply of branches!

Tom Nook will tell you that he needs ten tree branches before he’ll send you out to collect fruit, but if you want to speed things up, you can get six fruits by shaking two trees while you’re gathering the branches.

Choose a name wisely… (Or not!) Source: Nintendo Life

4. Nightfall

By the time you get back to Tom Nook with the branches and fruit, the night will have fallen, and he’ll ask you to think of a name for the island.

Even though he’ll technically hold a vote, your suggestion will always prevail, so go ahead and choose something you love.

Your character will also be given the title of Resident Representative, which puts him or her in charge of driving the development of the island and making many crucial decisions.

While any player account can send an extra character to the island, only the Resident Rep will access story-relevant scenes, such as those that lead to the opening of new buildings or the introduction of new NPCs.

Well past your character’s bedtime! Source: Polygons and Pixels

5. Bed or Breakdance?

You can go out and have fun, or you can go to bed now if you want to.

Have a word with Tom Nook about getting a sleeping cot, and once you’re settled in your tent, break out the radio and flashlight.

Learning the Basics: DIY, Crafting, Fish, and Bugs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

How Do You Get the NookPhone in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Not quite as advanced as an iPhone! Source: Metabomb

After arriving on the island for the first time, you can expect Tom Nook to have some work for you to do right away, such as the collecting of branches (woo!) Your new NookPhone is the first order of business.

Several programs can be accessed on the NookPhone, letting you access previously unavailable data and engage in previously unavailable pursuits.

You’ll start off with a limited selection of utilities, but as you make headway in your quest to transform the island from a ghost town into a thriving metropolis, more will become available.

What is the Nook Miles Program in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Tons of challenges to keep you endlessly entertained! Source: Miketendo64

In any case, the Nook Miles Programme – which is represented by a blue app icon depicting a black tanuki running atop a world – will be your most useful tool.

While “Bells” are the standard app currency, “Miles” are a special bonus currency that can be earned by using this app. Collecting bugs or chatting with the locals are just two examples of the many ways to rack up the Nook Miles.

You’ll need to fork over 5,000 Miles to cover the cost of your tent and getaway package. That sounds pretty steep! But, it’s simpler to pay off than you might imagine, but we’ll get to that later—you still need to pick up some crucial skills and tools first!

How to Craft a Fishing Rod and Net in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Crafting is a major part of Animal Crossing. Source: Attack of the Fanboy

It’s important to keep in mind that these tools are flimsy, which means they will break more frequently than you might anticipate. For this reason, it’s crucial to gather extra Tree Branches as you come across them so you can continue to make new ones when needed!

Though you can eventually make stronger tools from flimsy ones, doing so costs precious Iron Nuggets, so we actually advise sticking with the flimsy tools for the time being.

Step One: The DIY Workshop

Before meeting Tom Nook at Resident Services, take a moment to explore your NookPhone and all of its apps. He’s got a DIY Workshop going on!

DIY projects are a great way to make new furniture and tools that are essential for completing tasks on the island. It’s crucial to master it because it’s essential to many of the activities you’ll be engaging in on the island.

Step Two: Get the Recipe for a Flimsy Fishing Rod

A small, flimsy, frail and rubbish rod. But your first ever one! Source: IGN

To begin with, Tom will provide you with a recipe for a flimsy fishing rod that only requires five tree branches.

If you look in the yellow and white Recycling Box tucked away in the tent’s corner, you might be able to find some extra Tree Branches. When any structures are placed over pre-existing objects, such as Branches and Weeds, things can occasionally appear in this area. Stones and occasionally even furniture can appear in the materials box, but it only gets refreshed daily.

Step Three: Get the Flimsy Net Recipe

Bugs bugging you? Time to catch ’em all. Source: IGN

You can successfully craft your flimsy fishing rod using the Workbench next to Nook in Resident Serves after you’ve successfully collected the five Branches through foraging.

Along with some free extra recipes, Nook will also provide you with a flimsy net to use for bug-catching.